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What a way to close out 2019!

What’s going on everybody?!   Jackson here and today I am going to be putting down some words about a new and exciting piece of news that not all of you may be aware of yet.   As of today, December 31st 2019 I, Jackson, am officially a full time Café Rica employee.  Now some of you may ask, “But Jackson, you already work there a lot, what do you mean full time?”  Well as of today I no longer work for the Department of Defense.  Until today I have been splitting time between the shop and my full time job for the DoD and it has been quite the journey.  It truly has been a life changing eight years...

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PODCAST: We Are Having An Art Show!

On this episode, we talk with a local artist, Cory Patterson. Cory is the mastermind behind "Out Of The Woodwork". The art show we are hosting at our shop on May 24th. We talk about how he found a passion for photography. He also has lived around the world creating art and a bond with many people. He moved back to the area last year and is looking to boost the art culture in Battle Creek. 

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NEW Summer Menu!

Summertime is approaching and on top of the great weather and good times it provides us (Jackson and Tristan) an opportunity to show their creativity when it comes to beverages. Some of you may have seen some sneak peeks of a few of these drinks on our Facebook page and we are excited as hell to share them with everyone. Much of this creativity stems from the fact that Tristan tended bar in East Lansing and Grand Rapids and has a knack for fancy, visually pleasing drinks. After all, the easiest way to get someone to try a drink is to make it look pretty! Tristan and I pride ourselves on the quality of our beverages and we are always...

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