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What a way to close out 2019!

What’s going on everybody?!


Jackson here and today I am going to be putting down some words about a new and exciting piece of news that not all of you may be aware of yet.


As of today, December 31st 2019 I, Jackson, am officially a full time Café Rica employee.  Now some of you may ask, “But Jackson, you already work there a lot, what do you mean full time?”  Well as of today I no longer work for the Department of Defense.  Until today I have been splitting time between the shop and my full time job for the DoD and it has been quite the journey.  It truly has been a life changing eight years working for the DoD and without my job there we would not have been able to launch and build Café Rica into what it is today.  This job has given me the opportunity to learn leadership. Safety, management, and operations from some high quality, smart individuals.  It has shown me the ins and outs of a government agency and it has given me the opportunity to travel the country and go places I have never been before. 


I am excited and ready for this new challenge as it has been something we have been working towards for about two years now.  We have worked hard and positioned ourselves to be able to take me on as a full time employee and we are ready to take the next step in our business journey.  This change will allow us to focus more on marketing and general operations rather than just simply grinding out the day to day operations.  This will improve our service and efficiency as we will now always have two employees at the shop ready to serve your needs!


Today is a big day for me, it closes out my first decade as an adult, one in which has seen its ups and downs and has had massive changes in it.  Just to look back and think about who/where I was ten years ago is astounding and quite the look back.  It’s crazy for me to look back and see how far I have come and it makes me even more excited to see where this company will be ten years from now. 


Until then, let’s raise a glass of whatever you’re drinking to the New Year, new decade, and to new beginnings.