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Coffee and beer: Hard Bock Cafe

What’s going on everybody?!


I hope everybody is having a great beginning to the new year and that you’re still on target for your goals and or resolutions for the year!  If you didn’t watch our video the other day we spoke about helping keep each other accountable for our new goals.  It can be tough sledding trying to go through them alone, so share your goals with close friends so they can encourage and support you!


Today I just wanted to share an alternative use for coffee other than brewing and drinking it.  Last year we had the opportunity to partner with Territorial Brewing Company on a coffee beer!  Hard Bock Cafe, as you could imagine, is a bock is a dark German lager that was finished with about 20 pounds of our Cafe Naranjo coffee.  I may sound a little bit biased when I say this but Hard Bock Cafe is one of the, if not the best coffee inspired beer that I have ever had.  The beer was smooth and delicious and had a terrific caramel, coffee finish to it.  This beer was the brain child of Territorial Brewer Trevor Sandberg along with some help from Dan Chapin.  Their talent and creativity really came through with this beer and it was one of the best beers that I had the pleasure of drinking is 2019.   We have been a big fan of Territorial beer for a long time but having to opportunity to partner with a local business was a great experience that we hopefully have a chance to do again this year! 


Thats all for this week! Now that both of us are here at the shop full time we have been able to write these blogs more consistently and we hope that you all enjoy them.  We plan to post a new blog every week on Wednesday and hope to see you all again next week. 


Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT week everyone!