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Getting Caffeinated Down In Dallas | The Morning Cup

On This Episode of The Morning Cup, Josh and Tristan get caffeinated down in Dallas when they try out Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Natural Ethiopian. Ever since we saw a meme on Instagram, from one of the most well known celebrity baristas in the country Mohsin, IG: @One_Moh_Pour, we have been dying to try a Natty Yirg, or Natural Yirgacheffe. And Today was the day!   With a lot of hype behind this varietal Josh was super excited to see a bag of it down in Texas when we was visiting for Thanksgiving. He instantly grabbed it and decided it would be perfect for The Morning Cup. So we poured it up and put it to the test. 

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Back again with something new and exciting: Cafe Rica - Black Honey

Since we started our operations at the cargo unit a few years ago it has been a goal of ours to someday roast our own coffee.  We always knew that this would be far off in the distance and was a future goal.  We had already been getting coffee roasted for us by our friend Lee Winkler, who owns Little Quiet Coffee co, and they had been big hits.  The one origin we had shied away from was Costa Rica, where we get a majority of our coffee from already.    We get GREAT coffee from Cafe Naranjo in Costa Rica and we love it and so do our customers, online and in the shop.  We were hesitant to pick...

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The Seasons Pass The Years Will Roll

The seasonal change in inevitable and often times a benchmark that people look forward to, especially in the Midwest.  We take the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to get creative with our food and drink and develop seasonal specials.  During the winter months we had drinks such as the Yule log and the Evergreen, we used smokey chicory to develop a beverage that gave you the feeling of a warm fire.  The evergreen was made with a juniper berry and cardamon simple syrup and had the aromatics of a trip to the Christmas tree farm.  We take pride in our creative seasonal drinks because we like to push the envelope and combine flavors that may not always be...

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