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Color The Creek Collab 2022

Ever since we opened up our first retail location at BC Cargo Marketplace in Downtown Battle Creek we have always wanted to build a community that would be able to thrive and grow together. In 2018 Justin Andert approached us to be the coffee spot for all of the Color The Creek Artist that were coming to Battle Creek to paint large and beautiful murals all over town. That was the beginning of a relationship that would blossom into many collaborations to come. Color the Creek has always ended with a block party to cap off a week of hard work and beautiful art. In 2021, due to social distancing, the block party was spread out through-out Michigan Ave as many mini-block parties. The show out was amazing and really showed how big of a community Color The Creek has built. Due to the success of last year we have teamed up with Color The Creek and Blvchsheep to bring another block party to Cafe Rica. We will be Co-presenting 'Miami Nights' on August 20th, 2022. This will consist of latin style cocktails, Latin Style Music, live art and many more activities. The admission price is going towards Color The Creek 2023 to support their mission and to continue to bring artist from all over the world to Battle Creek. Grab Your Tickets here!