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Drinks with Los Hermanos: Cocktail Series

What is going on everybody!?   We are going on week three or four of our shop being closed down due to the COVID-19 mess.   We are still going strong with our online sales and we cannot thank you all enough for all of your support.  We have also began doing some Cold Brew and other cold beverage pick up’s on Friday’s.  The first test went well so we expended the options from just Cold Brew to all of our cold beverages.  We are going to keep these options open from here on out and we hope to see you all as soon as we can!   To curb some of our boredom we have decided to start doing...

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How to Survive During Our Move

Hey everyone,   As we discussed earlier this week, our time at 80 West will be coming to an end on February 12th.  We are excited for the move but we have gotten a lot of questions about where our customers can get their coffee while we are closed?  There are several options to turn to but our favorite is using the French press.    The French press is a brewing device that you can use at home, in the office, camping, and nearly anywhere that you can find hot water.  Using it is simple, you pour in coarsely ground coffee (for 3-4 cups we suggest 50 grams), then you add 850 grams of hot water (roughly 200 degrees) and...

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Grand Opening: February 29

Hey everyone!   February is quickly approaching and it is a pretty damn big month for us as we will be moving to our new location at 62 E Michigan Ave.  When we started two summers ago in the cargo units on Hambly and McCambly we couldn’t have imagined how quickly we would be able to move.  We started serving cold brew and hot batch brew coffee in an 8 x 20 cargo container in 2018 and in February of 2020 we are moving into a newly renovated 1900 square foot space on Michigan Avenue!  As quickly as this has seemed we have been working on this move to our permanent space for over a year.    First, little bit...

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What's in a motto? How we came up with ours.

We feel that long lasting relationships is what will bring not only us, but all small business, long lasting success.  Without the trust and confidence of the people a business will not be able to thrive.  We here at Cafe Rica want to bring you good coffee and good conversation, we want to build relationship and know all of our customers.

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