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Is Customer Service Important?

Have you ever felt like a company just saw you as a number and that how they treated you? They didn’t appreciate you and just wanted your money. We have experienced that before and it has always rubbed us the wrong way. Customer Service is a huge pillar of our philosophy of running Café Rica.

"Doing the right thing is always the right thing" -Gary Vee

When we started this company we vowed to never treat our customers like they were a number. We have a couple policies that we follow that help us convey that mission. We personally pack every order and don’t hire a 3rd party to fulfill the orders. This allows us to have quality control and make sure that only the best product is leaving our facilities. In efforts to improve the quality of our product, we started creating a customized unboxing experience. This leads us to use 100% recycled shipping envelopes and boxes that have our logo hand stamped on them to give that handcrafted experience. Not only do we want customers to get the handcrafted experience, we also want to build relationships with them. We want customers to feel more like a family member. We build these relationships by sending personalized, handwritten notes in hopes that they will open up the relationship with us.

We want everyone to feel free to contact us to either give suggestions or to resolve a problem they had. We have very lenient complaint policies, if there is a problem, we will do everything possible to fix the issue. We are really here for the customer and will always do the right thing. Just send us an email and we will personally reply in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you to all out customers, future, and past, we really do appreciate all of you and would love to hear from you soon!




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